MC Parallel window

System characteristics

  • a parallel window system used to design window which are positioned in parallel to facade when opened; the system is provided with thermal insulation; the parallel window is a solution based on the MC Wall facade system; with this solution, uniform appearance of the aluminium-glass wall can be maintained when the window is opened.
  • a parallel window system used to design windows which are positioned in parallel to facade when opened
  • MC PW is a three chamber system with thermal insulation; it is optional to use additional insulating components to improve thermal aspects of the structure (under-glass inserts, inserts between thermal separators)
  • the sash is moved outwards using special scissors mechanism adapted to that purpose;the arrangement of scissors mechanisms and their number depends on the window sash size and glass weight; the scissors mechanism can be used together with multi-point hardware locking points suitable for the overall dimensions, which significantly improves window tightness; the window can be opened manually using two opposite handles or electrically by means of special servo-motors suitable for that purpose
  • the MC-PW windows can be designed as top-hung (the lower part is lifted outwards)
  • the system ensures optimum ventilation in the room; once moved out, the sash enables free airflow in both directions: inwards and outwards; compared to traditional windows, this solution offers more optimum air circulation and much better comfort of use
  • a wide range of colours available – RAL palette (Qualicoat 1518), structural colours, Aliplast Wood Colour Effect (Qualideco PL-0001), anodized (Qualanod 1808), bi-colour

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