Sun Protection

System characteristics

  • facade-mounted aluminium solar shading devices; to be installed on facades, on mullion-transom curtain walls
  • shading devices available in many sizes
  • fixed brackets – angle of inclination from 45˚ to 90˚option of vertical and horizontal installation
  • option of direct installation on the building facade
  • the installation is possible not only on straight walls, but also in places where the facade changes in direction
  • all elements of aluminium shading devices are characterised by high strength and resistance to weather conditions
  • facade-mounted solar shading devices change the look of facade by providing it with an interesting and modern character; they provide a great potential in creating a modern and vivid external appearance of the building; Sun Protection devices combine durability, thermal and optical comfort as well as aesthetics and functionality
  • a wide range of colours available – RAL palette (Qualicoat 1518), structural colours, Aliplast Wood Colour Effect (Qualideco PL-0001), bi-colour

Files to download