Imperial Out

System characteristics

  • window system designated for designing tilt out and turn out windows
  • system Imperial OUT is fully compatible with window system Imperial (they share system elements: connectors, gaskets, glazing strips)
  • system IMPERIAL  OUT features faced internal surface of the frame and the sash
  • turn out windows can be fitted with two types of hinges: rotating hinges or scissor hinge; window hardware used allows tilting the top or the bottom of the window outwards; option of turn out window with the limit stop
  • available option of integrating windows with walls by using reversing profile
  • option of bending profiles (detailed specification of profiles and detailed technical parameters of profile bending process are available in the customer area of the website
  • maximum dimensions and weights of structures in Imperial OUT system:
    – tilt out windows:
    minimum width and height of sash 500 mm, maximum width and height of sash 2000 mm, maximum weight of sash 100 kg for tilt out windows
    – turn out windows:
    minimum width and height of sash 500 mm, maximum width of sash 1500 mm, height of sash 3000 mm, maximum weight of sash 120 kg for turn out windows
  • system IP OUT is available in the variant with improved thermal insulation power:
    available options: IP OUTi with additional, peripheral thermal insulation, at the profile-glass interface; IP-OUT i+ with additional thermal insulation between thermal spacers
  • this system is a very popular in Nordic countries and on British Isles; perfectly matching old and stylized manor houses, wood cabins or simple Scandinavian type houses; shutters are often used with such windows
  • a wide  range of colours available – RAL palette (Qualicoat 1518), structural colours, Aliplast Wood Colour Effect (Qualideco PL-0001), anodized (Qualanod 1808), bi-colour

Files to download